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Turning Interest Into Action

At a time when the UK pivots in trade and security towards India, our role has never been more important or needed.

Keeping with its fine heritage and with the times of today and the needs of tomorrow, the India League will work:

  • To strengthen UK-India ties in all facets - Inter-Governmental, academic, cultural, economic for a more prosperous and stronger UK and India as two leading global liberal democracies.

  • We believe the prosperity and well-being of the UK and India and by extension, given they are the world’s 4th and 5th largest democracies, and much of the world which shares our values

  • To ensure the future lies with those who with a sense of history and an eye to the future to build stronger alliances to resist tyranny, extremism, poverty and

  • Look to solve the world’s biggest problems together.

  • To support and lead on Indian Diaspora Issues globally, including resistance to hate-speech and discrimination.

  • Working with other organisations to provide an additional strong voice for our goals of liberalism and democratic ideals of liberty and equality which the League always stood for.

  • Inform and educate the Indian diaspora on their rights and duties as citizens in keeping with the founding principles of the League to have strong, Indian origin peoples, independent minded, well informed of their rights and equal partners in their relations with peoples of the world.

We will work to ensure that the wrongs of the British empire and the importance of the Indian Independence struggles are not forgotten. We will also honour and remember the contributions of Indians to the UK and to world freedom, as a model to inspire future generations.

Alpesh Patel OBE, President The India League

Image by Aditya Siva
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