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The unfolding crisis in Afghanistan is a massive concern for the international community. As the Taliban takes control of the country, many voices call for some intervention from the UK. However, to be truly effective in the region, the UK will need to call on its allies in the area. All of this means that India will have a big part to play in helping to bring stability.

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As India Celebrates Its 75th Year of Independence - Here are Some Popular Songs, Books, Quotes and Movies That Define the Republic. Which are yours? Write in to the paper.


After two scheduled visits that were delayed due to India’s COVID crisis, the UK-India trade agreement finally took shape.


Dr Cyriac Maprayil
In the warped view of unpatriotic and anti-Indian elements at home and abroad, India would always remain illiterate, poor, corrupt, and caste ridden. But a glance backwards will reveal that India has little to be ashamed of.


As we celebrate the 75th anniversary of India's independence from the UK, we'll look at India's growth and the development of the bilateral relationship between the two countries.


Despite the COVID-19 crisis scuppering the UK prime minister's planned visit to India this April, Boris Johnson and India's prime...


One of the sole positives from India's devastating COVID-19 crisis is how it has set the scene for closer UK-India relations. As the...

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